jeudi 18 mars 2004

How ironic

I took down my assignments list because it made me so depressed that I wasn't finishing them. Such is life, I'll get around to them this week, sooner or later.

I tend to gravitate more towards systematic theology than I do spiritual theology. I'm a very logical thinker and experience doesn't come easily to me (makes me wonder why I'm an ENFP and not an ENTP, hmm...). But I took a spiritual theology course last year, and although I had qualms with the marking in that class, it did show me that people can know God in other ways than just through the mind. It taught me a lot about the soul, and I do appreciate that I got to learn something completely new to me. One of my favourite poems came from that class and I thought I'd share it.

Royalty by Luci Shaw, Listen to the Green, 1971

He was a plain man
and learned no latin

Having left all gold behind
he dealt out peace
to all us wild men
and the weather

He ate fish, bread,
country wine and God's will

Dust sandalled his feet

He wore purple only once
and that was an irony

That poem still strikes me today, because of the irony. I've written a very long speel before about my love of how Christianity is so full of paradoxes, yet still makes the most absolute sense. "He wore purple only once / and that was an irony"... those lines continue to linger in my mind.