jeudi 25 mars 2004


Oh yuck yuck blehhg. Onomatopoeia can't do it justice. My blog looks horrible in the following browsers:
- Safari 1.2
- Opera 7.23
- Mozilla Fire Fox .8
- Internet Explorer 5.01
- Internet Explorer 5.5

The only one it looks fine in is the one I'm using: Internet Explorer 6.0. Apologies to everyone using anything but that. I had no idea my sidebar didn't even appear in a bunch of those. And I know my page is not CSS Validated at all. Earrrgh, good thing I didn't actually submit this in my resume.

Update: My resume is going to be 14 pages long. I'm wondering if that's impressive (read previous post before you think I'm out of my mind) because I included absolutely everything or if the people reading it would chuck it. I'd get bored if it were me, but then again, I didn't ask for a list-full of things that had to be included. I suppose then that these people are stuck with having to go through it all since they asked for it! :)

"It's all video, video, video. It's all video, video, video."
(Those are actual lines in this song below... it certainly fits my mood, that's all I've written about these hours!)

[Listening to: Os Quindins de Yaya - Stanley Black - Something for Everybody (01:59)]

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