lundi 15 mars 2004

Enjoying the scenery

I have completed reading the book which made me fall asleep in the middle of it twice, only to find out that its reading level is aimed at kids ages nine to twelve. I think I would have felt better if the reading level were even something like grade nine. In other news, the yearbook is almost finished. The only pages that are left to do are: sports, res, weeklong trips, grad, and the index. I am slowly anticipating the return of my sanity and my health and I will be sure to pray for whoever decides to take on the yearbook next year.

I hung out with a friend of mine from high school yesterday. I talk about this group of friends a lot because we were all pretty close to each other and still are to some extent. We sort of dubbed ourselves the Bench Crew, because my high school only had one bench in the entire school and we occupied it all throughout grade twelve. Anyways, I found out last night that one of the last of the crew will be celebrating her six-month anniversary soon. I kind of have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I'm glad I don't have to worry about the whole dating scene but on the other, it's as if my friends have suddenly left me in the dust. Not that I care entirely that much to catch up to them, but I do feel left out in their conversations and events now. And they all said bridal college would be the first to get me... I think it's the university (and arts college)!

[Listening to: Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps - Doris Day - Something for Everybody (02:33)]

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