jeudi 18 mars 2004

"Desperation on the rise"

I haven't really paid attention to the news lately, but I did get a chance to read a little into the series that the Sun is doing on homelessness. I'm currently finishing it up as I type. Be sure to read the entire series if you're from Calgary - it's quite eye-opening and calls for us, as Christians, to be proactive about it. I remember my week at the Seed - I got violently sick after only a few days and it showed me how weak and frail I was. Even with mild weather, my body could not sustain these conditions and it's not as if I was even going through much. I felt like a wimp and it gave me a (very) minor glimpse into what life must really be like without a permanent shelter. I can't even imagine doing that for weeks (or years) on end, in -40 weather or worse with windchill without adequate clothing or enough beds in the city to provide me with shelter in the nights. And on top of that, homesickness and longing for loved ones. Not that I truly know what it would be like, but nonetheless, I want to do something. The gospel calls me to get out of my comfort zone and help the poor. At this point, I honestly do not have enough time to devote all that I should be to volunteering at a shelter (which is not fair to anyone), but I will keep it in mind. What are tangible things I can do right now as a student for these people? Of course, prayer for nothing works without God, but there has to be something more.

In much lighter news, I just found out that Krispy Kreme will be opening a store here at the end of the month. Are we the first Canadian location for them? At least it'll be an alternative to Timmy's.

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