lundi 8 mars 2004

Break the cycle

We watched a disturbing and unsettling video in sociology class today that is still resonating within my mind. It was about women who kill, but more so about domestic violence and the self-defence that occurs as a result of husbands (or male significant others) turning vicious. Very scary stuff, and what's worse is that Christians are not exempt from it. I was thinking about how women take such a large risk when they enter marriage. There's no guarantee that their spouse won't end up becoming violent and the problem is, by the time they realize that, it's too late. I sound awfully cynical but I'd rather be that than naive, thinking that Christian guys won't ever do such a thing.

Coming from a girl's perspective, our worldview is different than a guy's. Girls are forced to worry about being out late at night, being by themselves, running away or escaping somehow if they see a suspicious guy nearby, and fearing men who could be out to hurt them. It's a horrible way to live life, and it's something guys rarely need to think about because they simply don't need to worry about these kinds of things. Then again, I'm not a guy, so I don't know if this is largely true, but I know that as a female, there's much more trepidation than I'm sure males face. It's terrible that one of my biggest fears is ending up with an abusive husband. It shouldn't be, but unfortunately, this is a fallen world. This is such a depressing topic but it's something a lot of women face everyday, and I can't shy away from it. I just wish I knew what to pray for specifically for these women.