samedi 6 mars 2004

Blog design links

I spent some time a while ago trying to create a new blog template, but now that I'm satisfied with what I have, I'll share the links with you in case you're trying to come up with a new look yourself:

Blogfrocks Design Journal, Blogger Templates, Blogskins, eris : design, Firdamatic, Francey Designs, Groovy Lizard, hidden templates by maystardesigns, kali's web shoppe, karysima, miz graphics!, not (that) ugly, Point of Focus, pokytemps, Rigdonia, Spiderman Templates, Templates for Free,

Some of these are blogging program-specific (Blogger, Movable Type, Diaryland, etc. that sort of thing). Some of these links have come from other people in the blogging community who helped me look for ideas (thanks!!). And others are quite girly, so take your chances (you've been warned!). Hope this helps you if you're itching for a re-design!

A lot of these links are fickle, so there are no guarantees that they'll even work - sorry in advance.

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