lundi 1 mars 2004

Bits and pieces

After a measly two hours of sleep (if that), you should have heard me yawning repeatedly throughout the church services yesterday morning. It's a good thing I wasn't in the sanctuary, although it certainly was contagious over Clearcom. Between three people, we all got less than five hours of sleep, which made for some interesting tech and conversations.

Well, the current status on my trip to LA with Lissa is now... defunct. We have been anticipating it for so long and now we are unable to go this year. We can't go because I got into a car accident and Lissa needs to take classes for her medical certification. So yeah, it'll have to be delayed until next year. I'm thankful that I still get to go on the youth missions trip though. I guess what I want to do most is get away from here, for a short while at least. I need a change of pace and scenery, and seeing as how I've only been to four places in my life (two of which are in my own province), it couldn't hurt to get out more :)

Over the last few weeks, I've been having a sort of a Colin Firth movie marathon. So it's pretty fitting that he is going to be on Saturday Night Live this weekend. Perfect timing, eh? Seriously, I had just finished watching one of his movies when I caught a rerun of SNL afterwards and the show announced that he, of all people, would be hosting it next week. That will be an episode I cannot miss.

Anyways, I need to do some catching up on my homework now. Hard to believe that school will be over in just seven weeks! Actually, it's nine weeks since I'm now forced to take a spring session course. I said I would never take one again in my life, but I need it to graduate. Argh....

[Listening to: Chevette - Audio Adrenaline - Some Kind of Zombie (04:19)]