lundi 8 mars 2004

Avid shoutouts

I remember back when I had a different website, people used to do shoutouts all the time. It was pretty much standard on every page, and although blogrolls seem to be the equivalent of that now, I'd still like to write something about each person I have listed. It's a long list so for now, I'll do it for the Avid blogs and I'll continue the rest later.

- Daily Random: I've never really interacted with this blog much, but found it through Michelle's blogroll. Ian has a lot of interesting links and song lyrics posted all the time, and is one of the more regularly updated blogs out there. I usually click on everything he's linked to and sometimes, he writes great posts too.
- food for fish: Travis is such a godly guy and it's fun reading about his adventures in Poland. He doesn't hide his shortcomings and it's been an inspiration to read about what he's gone through. I think I found this blog off either Michelle or Carly's blogroll, but I know he's on both. He's part of the Seattle blogging crew, and has great pictures of Seattle on his blog (ok, so I'm biased).
- i like shiny things: What can I say about Tracy? She gives youth pastors an excuse to have fun and be deeply caring at the same time. Her extreme technical-savvyness has helped me out so many times and her 'emporium' of funny links always cracks me up. I actually found her blog through Blogger's list of recently updated blogs. I liked the name of her blog and it was such a bonus that she was a youth pastor too!
- jeffersonair: I think I found Carly's blog through again, Michelle's blogroll. I am so impressed with all her talents that reading her blog is almost like going through her portfolio. Not only is she an accomplished musician, she also links to all of the paintings that she has done and is selling on ebay. Carly's from Seattle, which makes her doubly cool.
- mikao's world: The first blog I ever stumbled onto, Michelle inspired me to create my own. It was great how much I had in common with her, but not only that, she is an incredible woman of faith. I've interacted with her the most out of all the other bloggers and it's fun to talk about stuff like yearbook, Bible college, etc. with someone who's went through it all. Oh, don't forget to help her out by taking her surveys!
- Much Afraid of Falling: One of the first blogs I read when I first started one, Matt is another talented artist in his own right. He's hoping to take film at NYU, which is so awesome. Check out some of the art that he's posted, including his photography and drawings. And not just that, he's also a top blog at blogs4God, which is how I found it originally.
- plume: Josh is another Briercrest blogger that I found just randomly surfing. As I've said before, a lot of his posts are gritty and raw, and truly represent a real Christian life without any glossing or sugar-coating. It's good to read some reality-shocking stuff and his testimony is powerful. He's an unashamed cbc, which is great to see in the Christian blogging world.
- Side Show Chad: Found his blog through his brother, Trevor, and it's cool reading about someone who used to go to my school. Chad writes about funny observations throughout his day and always provides knee-slapping anecdotes from work or his roommates, although he's moved back home now. I'm sure those stories will keep coming though.
- the dimly lit room: I forget how I found his blog but after reading a few posts, I realized he was from Cowtown, which is always a plus since we're obviously not Saskatoon in the blogosphere. An outspoken journalist, Jeremy shares his articles on his blog and a lot of other opinions on topics such as social justice and urban living.
- Theophilus: Found while randomly surfing, it was great to find a youth pastor's blog that was even endorsed by Youth Specialties! Dylan not only posts stories about what's happening in the world of youth ministry, he also takes the time to post challenging theological questions, which always get me thinking. It's amazing how much of our faith can go unexamined, but his blog is a great place for me to go back and reflect on what I believe.
- trevor's thought cloud: Trevor's the one person on my blogroll who also exists in real life, but only because he attends my school. He has a way of taking the ordinary in everyday life and turning it into something postworthy, which is such a skill. He's a fellow youth min major and loves Homestar and the Simpsons, which is what defines cool. Here's the story of how I found his blog; it's rather weird. I read his roommates' blogs too cause they're also great guys.
- webeldotnet: I know I had a cool story for how I found Lance's blog but I forget it. Anyways, at first the design was so neat that I bookmarked it and only later did I read through and see that he was a Christian. He updates almost everyday and links to the most, out-there stories in the news, as well as giving people a glimpse into the teaching world. Since he teaches technology, he provides tons of info on it.

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