dimanche 15 février 2004

Yep, them again...

Tonight's concert was the best I've been to. Sure, I felt old, but it was absolutely wonderful being able to worship alongside a few hundred twelve and thirteen year olds at their youth conference. Starfield is incredible and I am counting down the days until their next album comes out in stores (May 18th - mark your calendars! apologies that I had written March 18th initially). I've been a fan of them since grade eleven and it's always such a treat to go to their concerts.

Tonight's concert was number four. The first one I went to was a life group event with my girls and we had to go through the whole different-church (and denomination) shock thing at first though so it took a while to get into it. The second one was at the Vibe Awards, so they only played one song. And according to people at church, they were off-tune that night but I couldn't tell since I was wearing earplugs. The third one was at the same venue as the first one and was cool as usual but I was forced to leave early, which I wasn't too pleased about.

So yeah, their opening artist, Amanda Falk was fantastic and she had such a hauntingly beautiful voice. Then Starfield went on and they ended up playing seven songs off their second record and three (I think) from their upcoming release. There was a surprise ode to Canada's hypocritical stance against war which was in French (I'll leave it up to the dear listeners to translate it but let's just say it rocked my socks off)! They also played a lot of worship songs, which capped off the evening. I think it really shows people what the band is all about when they play praise songs at all of their concerts and repeatedly emphasize that these concerts are not just about singing songs but more about being in the presence of God and giving Him the glory.

Non-related: I'm much too critical. I can never attend a concert or anything without nit-picking at the technical details. People probably hate that about me. But tonight, they were fading in between shots of the heavy-metal bands and they were switching from a live camera to a static one that did not zoom in until half a minute later. You just don't do that. Or maybe they were going for a completely new artistic bent. Beats me, I'll stick to my tried and true cutting and switching in between moving camera shots.

Even more non-related: I went on rollerblades for the first time in my life last night. It was quite strange but I can (kind of) walk in them. I'm just not sure about how to 'blade' in them yet.

"We want to make an album that is up to the standards (musically) of the mainstream market. But also something that melds pop-rock with real and honest worship in a way that sounds new and fresh. We're trying really hard not to just follow all the rules, as if working hard to pass an exam for the perfect Christian CD... we want our music and message to be as real as possible... especially when it comes to our shortcomings and struggles."
- Tim Neufeld, Starfield

[Listening to: From Now On - Starfield - Starfield (04:49)]