vendredi 13 février 2004

Video updated

I get to (almost) finish one of my courses today, so after I finish these two papers and a third one, I am finished one entire course! Back to the good old five after that. And of course, Reading Week comes in two weeks, which I am thrilled about. I don't have Sociology for another two weeks and I don't have too much to do during March except for reading at least ten or so novels for my Lit class. And once yearbook is finished by the end of this month, I am free for the rest of the semester to work on my field lab!

I'm pretty excited about that. I have not spent any time editing lately and it's such a withdrawal for me. The last thing I got to edit on my own would have to be... the baptism and baby dedication videos I worked on last January. Since then, I've done a bit on another baptism video (but not really). I can't wait to fully learn the new editing program and in a few weeks, work in the new editing suite :) My [boss] has been really gracious towards me, knowing that I'm super busy but I feel bad that I haven't been getting apprenticed at all.

After I'm completely trained, I may be working on a bunch more videos ;) I have a copy of all of the videos I've done at the church (sans the last two/three I've worked on) and it's funny how cheesy they looked at first! Seriously, real bad - but at least I didn't use any star wipes like I did in high school. I hope I haven't lost any of my editing skills and that I still have an eye for good videography.

[Listening to: All the Heavens - Third Day - Offerings: A Worship Album (04:03)]