samedi 7 février 2004

Q and A

What is your first (i.e. earliest) memory?
I think it would be when I was 2 and my family was dog-sitting a friend's little puppy. I was so excited about taking care of him and I spent all my time with the dog. I remember one incident with him when my mom was at work and my dad was cooking. I was with the dog in its dog bed in the living room and I noticed that it was a little dirty, so I started spitting on him to give him a "shower." (Gross, I know, but I was 2!) Well, my dad heard me and he came in and got a little upset that I was doing this, and told me that the proper way to shower a dog was to give it a bath. Haha, I was a silly kid.

How old are you? (sorry if it's rude to ask a lady her age...but you did say ask questions!!)
I won't give a specific answer :) I always used to say, closer to birth than death I hope, but that's a cliche now. I'll just say that there was the possibility that I could have been 18 and in my third year of college.

How did you become a Christian?
I'll save my testimony for another post since it's a really long story ;)

Where's the furthest place away from your house you've ever been?
Los Angeles. That was the first time I ever travelled anywhere out of my own province.

Was it nice?
Of course! I definitely want to go back and I'm planning on doing that this year. My cousins live there and it's a gorgeous place to be in. Crowded, but never boring! I would love to maybe work there one day if that's where God is leading me.

Do you want kids? (someday - not necessarily right now!)
To some extent, I do, but I'm not one of those girls who look forward to ONLY that in life. That may sound selfish, but I'm fixing my eyes on Christ, and if that is something that's to be in my life, I'll welcome it wholeheartedly, and if not, I know He has other plans for me that will honour Him. I'm not a 'must be married with kids and I'll be completely fulfilled' person, if that makes any sense.

This was fun, thanks for asking all those questions!