vendredi 13 février 2004

Boundless highlights

"It seems that his resistance to be a member of, and have accountability to, any church body has left him with an outwardly childish understanding of a biblical commitment to Christ." - Uh huh.

"But true hope, which is a Christian virtue, isn't wishful thinking. On the contrary, it looks reality squarely in the eye. It avoids despair because it believes that history has a telos - an end or purpose that will make sense of our stories and the actions that comprise these stories. It proceeds from the assumption that certain things are true and not subject to revocation." - My 2003 summer quote.

"I can just imagine God shaking His head. 'Didn't I promise you good gifts? Didn't I say hope and a future? Streams in the desert? Why can't you believe there's purpose in this time of waiting?'" - Oh yeah.

[Listening to: Goodbye, Goodnight - Jars of Clay - The White Elephant Sessions (02:37)]