jeudi 1 janvier 2004

World Idol results

So the winner of "World Idol" is Kurt Nilsen! I wasn't too shocked that he won, but I'm glad that he did! Even though one of the judges called him a hobbit and said that he would win in a "Middle Earth Idol", it's great that appearance didn't have to get in the way of singing talent. It was almost an unanimous vote too, with (I think) 9 countries voting him for first place, giving him a total of 106 points. Well, I enjoyed this short run of World Idol and I love that it proves that the underdog can win, with talent and not just ideal looks. I'm impressed that even though it was a "reality show", it still showed these "idols" as real people who worked hard and sacrificed a lot to get where they are. I only hope that "Canadian Idol" will be reflective of that in the second season. I also thought it was neat to see a lot of countries get involved in this international competition.

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