lundi 26 janvier 2004

Win a date!

This is too funny, I just have to post about it. Trevor has decided to have his own little contest of the year over at his blog. I don't even know what to say, it's that freaking hilarious (yes, there are no other adverbs I can think of for this). No, I'm not laughing at him - he's a brave guy for venturing out with this, so if I can help at all by advertising about it, I'll feel better for not having taken the contest seriously at first. Uh, so if you're a girl reading this who's from Cowtown - by all means, apply. It is certainly original, so mad props to him for thinking of it. Other than that, I'm still chuckling.

Unrelated: It's going to be something like -50 degrees Celsius with windchill tomorrow morning. To go to school or not to go to school? I am so happy I don't live in dorms - I actually have an excuse for transportation issues :)