vendredi 30 janvier 2004

The votes are in...

Judging Results:

I didn't go through all the entries but here are the five that stood out the most for me, in no particular order:
1. silent tribute
2. What in Tarnation?!?!?
3. Skywalking
5. look both ways

Yes, I succumbed today and bought the "Vibe Hits: Volume One" CD. It was only $3.74 and I did get a chance to work at the Vibe Awards last year, so I thought it couldn't hurt. I also went to get a copy of "In the Name of Love," which was released on Tuesday. Unfortunately, it won't come in until March 10, so I just preordered it. I have a love-hate relationship with U2; I'm not fond of them but at the same time, I support them. Does that make any coherent sense at all? Yeah, I don't get it either.

[Listening to: Not Forgotten - Jaylene Johnson - Vibe Hits: Volume One (04:53)]