mercredi 7 janvier 2004

Total rewrite

I currently have 79 errors in my HTML and 36 browser compatibility problems (check yours here). So, to all the people using any other browser than IE 6.0, what does my page look like on your computers? And what errors are you experiencing from visiting my blog? I may have to sit down for a full day and completely rewrite this entire page. I don't want this page to cause any problems, so I really don't mind reworking it. But it will take a while to do, just warning you.

Update: 29 of my browser compatiblility problems have to do with those using Netscape 4.0 and lower. I've eliminated at least four errors so far, but the other 29 have to do with basic CSS properties, which I really can't help. Drop some ideas if you have any, I'm nitpicking my entire layout :)

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