samedi 3 janvier 2004


As much as I have gotten sick of Tim Horton's over the last few years (don't worry, I have a valid reason), I still think it's hilarious that our Canadian identity is so tied to it. There's a new Tim's commercial where a guy who has been travelling to Europe gets identified as a Canadian by nope, not the maple leaf he has sewn on his backpack, but by a Tim's mug that's hanging from his pack. I think that is too funny. I kind of want to try that on my road trip now. Even though I don't drink coffee. And even though I've avoided as much of Tim's as I've been able to for months. I still have to show my Canadian pride somehow though!

Speaking of Canadian, Jim Elve over at BlogsCanada has compiled a HUGE list of what's been happening on Canadian blogs on his "Carnival of the Canucks" post. Check it out if you're looking for some good reads north of the border!