samedi 17 janvier 2004

This is the end

Tonight was the first youth event of the new year. It was good, although I didn't stay for all of it. I just have so much homework to do and I'm already swamped in this second week of school. Youth is going great although I have sort of a dilemma. What do you do when you were once friends with another youthworker but now you can't stand to be near them? This is tough on me because I don't want it to affect anything with my youth. Hmmm. It's also tough because I always feel extremely guilty whenever I end a friendship with a Christian. It rarely ends on good terms and it's more painful because I expect it to be different than all the other friendships I have. I can think of over the years where I've stopped being friends with some Christians, and it hurts since I usually think it's my fault for not 'loving a brother/sister in the faith' enough to maintain the friendship.

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