vendredi 2 janvier 2004


You know what's irksome sometimes? When people introduce themselves as being single. I don't know why it bothers me at times, but I find that it has been used in such a diminutive way. Whenever I hear it being said, it always comes with a sense of incompleteness and dissatisfaction. The idea that people have where they are seeking for their "other half" bothers me. People should regard themselves as whole and complete, with or without a significant other. Yet I find that the idea of singleness among Christians my age is treated as a temporary stage or heaven forbid, a curse, because they are "missing their other half"! Being single isn't looked upon favourably anymore and seems to be mentioned more out of desperation than joyfulness. When these people mention that they're single, they do so out of contempt for where they are right now. That's what bugs me. It's not that people simply mention their singleness as a fact of their life, but that they give it such a negative connotation. Keep in mind, this doesn't apply to ALL single people, just the ones that are so obviously displeased about it. It kind of ruins it for me, because this negative behaviour about "single-itis" gets spread around a lot in Christian circles.