mardi 6 janvier 2004

Procrastination bites the dust

I'm going to read all of my assigned readings this semester. I'm going to start all of my papers early and complete them days before they're due. I'm going to do my homework early in the evenings. I am going to use time; it will not use me!

So saith the eager student on the first day of classes. Within no time, I'll be back to pulling all-nighters, not reading textbooks (or reading them at 2am the night before), and doing homework minutes before class. I really shouldn't be doing that. If I actually disciplined myself and put to work what they call my potential, I'd have nothing to worry about. But who does that anymore?

But then it hits me
Time is not the answer
You've given me all the time in the world
All that I need is...

A little more life in my day
A little more of your light
To show me the way

If I'm gonna be in this world but nor be of it
Lord, I need more of you
In all that I do

Put a little more life in my day

- Newsong "Life in My Day"

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