dimanche 11 janvier 2004

Planning a trip

There is so much work that goes into it! I'm currently checking out tons of airfare prices but can't seem to find anything that could actually be considered a discount. I've found one reasonably priced flight with Air Canada but I would need to purchase the tickets by the 13th this week. I'm also looking into Continental, Northwest, Delta, United, and American. I hope that all the details for this trip will just come together quickly and easily so that I can get back to doing my homework. I'll probably be up late looking for flights but it's so nice to not have any day classes on Monday!

Side note: Even though my mom's tumour has shrunk in her bowel, her oncologist found something suspicious in her liver and kidneys. Please pray that her cancer did not spread to these organs and that they turn out to be non-malignant. We're going for tests tomorrow afternoon to figure out what they are. Thanks again!