mardi 27 janvier 2004

Parkas and dating

Wonderful news: I toughened up this morning! Nature and transit and I all duked it out so I ended up going to school. Phht, -40 weather never scared me away. I just don't like looking like a puffy cloud of snowman at the same time. I'm scared kids will want to roll me down the hill.

Chapel this week has been different. It's all about relationships (yes, how ironic!) and the topics are "How to Be/Spot a Godly Man/Woman," which is pretty needed at my school. One of my friends was talking to me about how he knew all these godly women yet he couldn't think of a single godly guy (except himself, of course). Ouch. And I think the stats at college are that there's more guys than girls there. So what is happening? I lamented about this a while ago but sadly, I don't know if anything has changed.