mardi 13 janvier 2004

Near expulsion

Since I brought it up, I figured there would be questions about this one. This explanation will be lieu of the Monday Memory thingy which I forgot to do. Alright, so here's the story:

I became a Christian in grade nine. I was fiercely zealous and was ready to defend my faith anywhere, anytime (I was quite the little spitfire). Well, I guess I got carried away most of the time. I became friends with two girls that year who turned into the source of my misery later on. Halfway through the year, they decided to turn on me and bully me. They also told me that they were Wiccans and that if I did anything to upset them, they would cast a spell on me that would, get this, "put me in a ditch in the middle of Saskatchewan where I would never be rescued." Yep, those were their exact words. Now, if you're Canadian, that's quite a real threat ;) So I didn't take it very seriously because that idea is just stupid, but these girls kept threatening me. It got to the point where one day I just screamed at them, "If you keep doing witchcraft, you're going to go to hell!" Now I know that those aren't exactly loving words from a Christian and I feel bad that I said that but I was fairly new in the faith at that point.

What was it that almost got me expelled from junior high school? It was the phrase "go to hell" that got me in trouble. Unfortunately, the vice-principal of my school sided with these girls and after they told her what I said, I was called to the office. She accused me of religious intolerance and persecution and the list just went on and on for almost half an hour. I remember sitting there thinking, this is so dumb! I mean, these girls had said worse things to me and even physically attacked me, yet I was going to be expelled for stating the truth? I didn't even say it in the "swearing" sense, which was ironic because these girls said that phrase to me all the time. Now, I was freaking out because I was going to the best high school in the city and if I had an expulsion on my record, that would have ruined my life forever. Thankfully, the principal refused to kick me out of school because I had top honours there and had never sworn before.

The lesson: don't take the phrase "go to hell" very lightly, even if you literally mean it. Yeah, that almost cost me my future. I learned the hard way.