samedi 24 janvier 2004

More carbs!

You know, this whole Atkin's Diet thing is so overblown now. For goodness' sake, low-carb burgers? Low-carb beer? Subway's cursed Turkey and Bacon Wrap? Really. This goes against everything that we've been taught in Health class for thirteen years. The colourful Canada's Food Guide to Healthy Eating chart hanging on my refrigerator is screaming against this trend!

I'm sure people are losing weight from this diet, but it does not sound healthy in the long run. Based on the pyramid of healthy eating, proteins are at the top, meaning they should be the least-consumed as opposed to carbohydrates, which are at the bottom of the pyramid, recommending the most servings. Yet Atkins is suggesting the opposite, that we cut down our servings of carbohydrates from 5-12 to a measley 20 grams per day and that we boost our protein servings from 2-3 a day to an unlimited amount.

That is just backwards to me. I think I'm just going to stick with my carbohydrates and enjoy pasta, bread, cereal, and all the other good foods. Sure, we're supposed to eat healthy and treat our bodies well, but is having tons of bacon and low-carb beer going to help? I highly doubt it. I don't have medical training in this area so this post should only be regarded as an opinionated... opinion of mine. But if any of you have more information on this dieting trend, please leave it in the comments for me to read, thanks!