vendredi 16 janvier 2004

Missing comments

If anyone is missing comments, here's something I found on the front page of the commenting system I use, HaloScan.

"If you are a (former) Blogspeak user: we have already imported the 5,474 user accounts and are currently in the process of importing all of the users' comments into our system.... The import process is complete and we're currently waiting for the Blogspeak owner to respond before proceeding with the instructions and mass mailing."
- Latest News

I've been using HaloScan since I started my blog and I've been really pleased with their service. They've only been down once since I've used them, but it was resolved quickly. The only drawback is that they archive all comments that are more than four months old and they are not accessible. But they provide such a great system that I may consider becoming a premium member. Anyways, interesting to see that they have acquired Blogspeak now.

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