samedi 24 janvier 2004

Love potion #9

I am extremely excited! Unknowingly and randomly searching, I just found out that Tristan and Isolde was filming last year and is now in post-production! I've been waiting to see a more recent version to come out that also isn't in French or German. I'm sure more people will hear about this movie in the months to come because Tristan is being played by the same person who played Harry Osbourn in Spiderman. As for Isolde, she's being played by Sophia Myles, an actress from London. Good stuff, I'm really anticipating this film now. It's predicted to be released for the fall this year, so mark your calendars!

Update: Here'a a good site with basic information on this Arthurian legend.

Insomnia bites, off to sleep now.

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