lundi 5 janvier 2004

Igloo living

You know, the Monday Memory thingy is pretty tough to do now! My long-term memory should be getting better with age right? Err, maybe not. Here's a more recent one instead:

I got to go to Sea World a few years ago and it was a pretty fun day. My oddest memory from that day was when my family and I were sitting in the bleachers waiting for a dolphin show to start. I wasn't really paying attention but there were some loud women behind me talking. Well, they didn't exactly mince any words. They were talking to each other about an albino in the crowd. You know in those situations where it's impossible to not eavesdrop but you know you shouldn't anyways? I shouldn't have listened because they went on and on about this "albino" and it got pretty strange. It was only when the show began that I turned around and they stopped gabbering abruptly. Turned out that they were talking about me. I had every bit of intention of saying to them, "Well, I'm from Canada. What do you expect from a person who lives in an igloo?" I'm glad I didn't, but I was pretty ticked off at the time. Now I just look back and think it was a really funny situation that could only have happened to a tourist. I might as well have worn a sign that said, "I am a tourist."

*Update: I'm not an albino. It was what these women said I was as compared to all the extremely tanned Southern Californians. That was the funny part :)

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