mercredi 14 janvier 2004

Camps and retreats

I just finished reading a bit from my missiology textbook. It's a really good book but it's almost 800 pages long so I think I'll be in for some long nights coming up. Anyways, it's camping week at school and it's been pretty cool having camp representatives come to my college from places as far as Manitoba and even California. I don't know if there was anyone from Ontario, but that would be far.

I love that we are able to take solace in God's creation and 'camp' in His presence. Camp has become a major part of my life now, and I think it plays such an important role in a Christian's life for retreat and for renewal. And being with kids, that's the best part, getting to experience this all with them!

As a kid, I never got the opportunity to go to camp (I know, I was extremely deprived), so whenever I get a chance now, it's an excuse for me to be a kid all over again. I've been very blessed over the years in being able to go to different places for various retreats and camps. I don't remember them all, but I would like to keep a record so I can remind myself of these awesome times :)

- Sr High Retreat: SABC - Best food ever, farmer's blow competition, cactus-covered hill
- Sr High Retreat: Camp Cadicasu - Wilson the missing egg, "Cheapskate Trucker," birthday snow
- Jr High Camp: Camp Harmattan - Videographer, egg-boiling in the river, Relient K nonstop
- SM Leaders Retreat: Camp Harmattan - Testimony, affinity groups, God calling me to switch from tech groups to life groups
- Sr High Retreat: Camp Harmattan - Stinky water, +235 pictures, intense worship
- Sr High Camp: Pioneer Ranch Camp - Intro, Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5

I keep thinking I'm missing more camp experiences so this list may be revised. Now I can't wait until summer! I hope I get to go to Sr High Camp again this year, if it works out with a potential internship or something.

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