vendredi 19 d├ęcembre 2003


I really enjoy pouring over people's blog archives. It's quite time-consuming but worth it. It paints such a vibrant history of the person I'm reading about, and in a way, I get to know them better. And the best entries are usually at the beginning, where most people don't care about what they post and they write away, knowing that they're not writing for an audience. That's where gems of truth sneak in :)

I just love my youth. I've been having a sucky week but after tonight, my spirits feel so lifted. We had the sr high Christmas banquet tonight at church and I had a blast with all the kids. I love them all so much, and that's when my "protective (maternal?)" instincts kick in with them. I get all defensive and I do whatever I can to guard them from anyone who tries to hurt them. It's strange because I'm only a few years older than these kids, but honestly, I treat them like my kids. Oh, these kids are just so fantastic! They are some of the most mature and godly teens I've ever seen. Maybe I'm biased but I am so proud that they are the next generation of leaders in the world and in the church. Actually, some of them already are leaders (see how great they are?)! I love watching them grow in the Lord!

This week has been such a blur. I guess being in the hospital everyday does that to a person. I started "Waking the Dead" today though and so far, it's been exactly the book I've needed. It doesn't deny that life can be confusing or miserable, and it's honest about how most people view life. I'm excited about this book and I hope to finish it tomorrow. But till then, I'm nodding off....

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