samedi 6 d├ęcembre 2003

Much much more to say than I thought

Whoa, 3 posts in one day! It's all just a ploy to avoid studying for my finals, I tell you. (If you ever need ANY help at all on procrastinating, you know where to go. I can help you out with a field I'm clearly an expert in).

So I've been surfing some blogs and noticed that Irene has been debating on whether to post a picture of herself on her blog or not. I've been wondering the same thing. Actually, I have a question for my readers, just for fun. What DO you think I look like? Okay, people who know me in real life are not allowed to answer this (obviously). I'm curious if my words give away my appearance - probably not, since there doesn't seem to be a connection - but oh well.

And I'm going to sound like a <geek> here, but I'm pretty sure that the title font on Bene Diction's blog is a font called Elegance. Have I mentioned before that I love fonts? I don't think I have, but now you know :) I remember being in someone's car once and there was a really nice car parked beside us. I didn't say anything about the car itself, but I blurted out: "I love the font that the car model's name is in!!" Now I wish I remembered that model name so I could look it up. </geek>

Oh, and the fact that 8 people so far have been to my blog to check out McDonald's Meal of the Day for Saturday leads me to think that McDonald's hasn't advertised for this very well lately. But really, I can't complain - I don't mind that I'm the information source for all these hungry folks ;) btw, it's Double Cheeseburger day today and tomorrow is Quarter Pounder day.

[Listening to: Your Love - Collision - Fresh (03:38)]