samedi 20 d├ęcembre 2003


I'm watching a W5 documentary on "Watching Movies" right now. Basically, it's about the psychology and sociology of going to movies, how people are mentally affected by them and what types of trends are found in society through this process of moviegoing. Something that I thought was cool was that people who sit in the front of the movie theatre are much more emotionally attached to the characters in the movie than people sitting in the back are. Supposedly, the proximity between a person and the screen has a role to play in how one looks at the characters, whether he distance themselves from them or gets wrapped up in their stories. I love watching and studying stuff like this :) If only there was a course I could take that combines faith and film, my greatest loves. Maybe someday!

[Listening to: My Friend (So Long) - dc Talk - Supernatural (04:11)]

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