mercredi 31 d├ęcembre 2003

Last of the year

I wanted to end the year with an insightful, challenging, inspiring, humourous, and intellectually witty post but I'll have to settle with this hastily, put-together year-in-review :) 2003 has been interesting. I never know what to say about a year. It's always a mix of random (and some not-so-random) events.

winter semester. friendship evangelism. the crusades. kingdom of heaven. new testament. operation world. yearbook madness. mr. dressup. spiritual retreat. midnight talks. life groups. camp counsellor. another charling. God-honouring mind. starfield concert. coming to faith. snowstorms. basics of sound. volunteering. spring class. freedom. more worship. grass stains. vibe awards. twisted ankle. high priestly prayer. internships. blogging. tape deck. camp numbers. morning prayer. cowboy wedding. health information. randomness. church responsibilities. retainer hassle. car accidents. soccer balls. technical directing. t-shirts. chiropractor appointments. summer camp. card games. cabin 8. lakefront. shakespeare. fiction adventures. fire exit. missions expectations. downtown expeditions. leadership. rocky mountains. fall semester. preaching. unforgiveness. youth workers. tongue of fire. membership class. book spree. english frustration. roller rink. school disgust. theological musings. lunch meetings. thirst for excitement. program application. anticipation. history fallback. field trips. cancer diagnosis. meal get-togethers. prayers. extensions. weak finish. word of God. net fellowship. engagements. car conversations. pirates. quiet hope. utter abandonment. resource files. waiting rooms. sprayed snow. tuesday trips. classical literature. unquenchable songs and endless praise. CHRIST.