lundi 1 d├ęcembre 2003

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Just surfing some blog archives and found that Lance gave the exact same talk that I gave in my preaching class. Seriously. My theme was even in the same words that he used (power of the tongue).

I've read that lots of pastors plagiarize their sermons by using other pastors' talks from the internet or from books, etc. Don't worry, that's not the case here! It's just a very strange coincidence, but I'm sure that lots of people have already done talks on this one. And just so you know, I slaved over that sermon with lots of commentaries, blood and sweat ;) I think it was my best one all semester and my personal favourite!

Anyways, I get to assistant TD (technical direct) at my college's Christmas concert in a few days! Hooray!

Also, mad props to Car. She suggested that I aim for a spring delivery of our yearbook this year and it's going to work! This will be the second time in the school's history (first time being the year that she was editor) that this will have happened. I'm so super happy about this!! Maybe every year from now on, the school will follow suit with this idea. Well I better get off the net and start my Suetonius assignment soon. Funny how I can procrastinate so much on personal things but not on other projects.

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