dimanche 21 décembre 2003

Great, I have personality when I'm asleep too

A new study by the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service in the U.K. says that your position may say something about your personality:
• log: easygoing, social, trusting (on your side, arms down)
• yearner: suspicious, cynical (on your side, arms out in front)
• soldier: quiet, reserved, have high standards (on your back, arms down)
• freefaller: gregarious on the outside, thin-skinned, don't like criticism (on your stomach, arms around your head)
• fetus: tough on outside, sensitive at heart (on your side in fetal position)
• starfish: good listeners, sometimes shy (on your back, arms overhead)

Source: Flare.com

Who figures this out? And how do we know it's true? :)

Speaking of the U.K., my best friend has a burning question for Matt (or anyone else from the U.K., for that matter). She works in a bookstore, so she has exciting tales to tell all the time. The other day, she sold a Bible to someone from England. After doing so, she wished them a "Merry Christmas" but this person was quite taken aback. They then remarked, "I certainly won't be having a 'Merry Christmas'!" Uh, okay. So she asked them why and they said, "I do not get drunk around Christmastime!!" The question is, does "Merry Christmas" mean something different in England than it does over here? I've always assumed it to be a synonym for "happy" but in this case, it means "drunk"? If that's the case, what phrase do you use over there to greet people during Christmas? Please let me know, I'm dying of curiousity now! Thanks!