mardi 30 d├ęcembre 2003


So I officially have an RSS feed now. It's a cool idea, but not a lot of people use this. I have sort of a little blogroll of my own at BlogMatrix but my list of "Blogs without current entries" is always ten times longer than the ones with current entires. I'm not entirely sure how it works, to be honest, because some of the links on my blogroll there don't make any sense. For example, Patty Reyher... is on there. I've never heard of this blog before nor have I ever linked to her. At first, the title made it sound a little questionable for me (yeah, I can see some Christian eyebrows raising) but I cautiously checked it out and it's a Christian blog. But still, no clue why she and Puzzlepieces, another blog I've never seen before, are on my list. BlogMatrix doesn't seem to notice my new posts either because my last entry is slated for November 21st. Does anyone know how this whole thing works? I'd love an explanation!

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