lundi 29 d├ęcembre 2003

Bible college quotes

Since school starts in a week, I thought this would help me get ready for it. Perhaps going to Bible college can have some mixed results? Here are actual quotes from what Bible students have said or written:

"Stephen was stoned to death right at the end of his life." - Acts notes

"There are numerous angels from which one can approach this assignment."

"Eternal life is promised to those who persist in doing good, seeking glory, honour and immorality."

"The Church, the "Israel of God", is the chosen nation today and has a big job to do in fulfilling the Great Commotion."

"Paul harboured a deep desire to visit the place of his birth as he had never been there."

"Adam and Eve were the progenerators of the human race."

"His disciples then stayed in Jerusalem...if it had not been for the percussion that broke out against the believers, it would have been quite some time before they got around to proclaiming the Gospel outside Jerusalem."

"The World Missions Centre are very much involved in immobilising the local church."

"There are two theories of man, one is that he is called dichotomy and the other tracheotomy."

"There are many, many Catholic sisters in covens throughout the world ministering God's love."

"Jesus forfeited no less than 33 Old Testament prophecies."

"Jonah eventually obeyed the Lord and went to Nivea."

"These children learn how to manage conflict in a healthy and contraceptive manner."

"Paul tells the collisions that they will be saved in the last day."

"Making friends is fatal especially for single missionaries."

"Sometimes I have my quiet time before I wake up in the morning."

"Freedom of Religion has allowed Buddhists... to influenza the society."

"When I was growing up I was exposed to all sorts of evil...things like girls..."

"The call on me to save God was so intense such that I could not just help it."

"God allows His people to go through tuft times to test their faith."

"The greatest single cause of atheism today is those who acknowledge Jesus with their but..."

"I got an extension due to a power failure from the lecturer."

"We are not to put the yolk of tradition upon their heads."

Source: Steve Parker at The Sermon Fodder

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