lundi 17 novembre 2003

Witnessing 101

I received a lot of great advice about witnessing to others today, especially to my parents. It was difficult for me to swallow because I saw that I had done a lot of damage over the years by how I was treating them. I've been pushing Christianity into my parents' faces, to the point where they are probably sick of hearing about it. I learned that instead of trying to change my parents' beliefs all at once to what I want, I need to understand where they are coming from. That was powerful - the thought that I don't need to change what they believe. All I need to do is live a faithful and obedient life to Christ and pray that they see this life within me. Then, when they decide to accept Christ into their lives, they will effect these changes within themselves. I've been acting in such a condemning manner towards them, telling them that they are wrong constantly, that I have neglected to show them the love of God. I feel horrible about this. I've been a Christian everywhere but at home, the one place I needed to be the most. Please forgive me, Lord. I have sinned against my family and against You by acting self-righteous and prideful, the very thing I have been speaking about.

[Listening to: Small Enough - Fernando Ortega - This Mystery (04:16)]