vendredi 21 novembre 2003

Votes - personality - mail!

Okay, I am begging anyone who reads this to do me a favour. Don't worry, it's not too tough :) Anyways, if you are familiar with the show Your Music Zone, which is an awesome Christian music countdown show, you probably know that they premiere a new music video every week for people to vote on. Well it was none other than Raylene Scarrott! The neat thing is I got to see the music video for the first time a few months ago at an art showcase and did not expect it to be on national TV. So here's what to do (pretty please): Head on over to the Your Music Zone voting page and vote however many times you can for her video! Thanks so much!

On a side note, I've got the same personality as Chad, which is pretty cool but weird at the same time. ENFP is a rarer personality type and I was the only one in my psych class with it, I think. So... do I seem like an "inspiring" person?

And I should have blogged about this last Friday but I forgot to, which goes against the rules! Well, I took part in Project Mail-A-Thon with Michelle, and though it took me a while to put it together, she was on the ball and I received something in the mail last week! Being the spiffy arts and crafts extraordinaire Michelle is, I got a handmade postcard with my name and tons of little cut-out stars on one side and a special sweet note on the other. The theme of the postcard was the verse about shining like stars, which is one of my favourite verses, so yay! Thanks again Michelle :) I hope you receive your mail intact since the stamps were being stubborn and kept falling off. That's where glue comes in handy!

[Listening to: Trust in the Lord - Jaci Velasquez; Jill Phillips; Point of Grace - Girls of Grace (03:57)]

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