mercredi 19 novembre 2003

Traditional church

More and more Christians seem to be dissatisfied with the church. I was largely unaware of this until I found tons of blogs that rant constantly about the problems of the institutional church. Maybe I'm naive because I've been so grounded in my faith as a result of church. Maybe some would consider me backwards because I cling to the idea of going to church, a physical location, weekly (and daily when I work there). Maybe I'm not "postmodern" enough to appreciate this new movement. Maybe there's something wrong with me for not fully embracing this trend.

Does this seem harsh? Well, this is how I feel every time I read a Christian blog that belittles the traditional churches. Now if you belong to this movement, please don't take my words and accuse me of hating "the house church" idea. I think it's great! It's such an intimate way to find community as a body of believers. But sometimes when you write about it, you make it seem as though "everybody else" who goes to traditional church is getting it wrong. That we don't understand fellowship at all. I'm sure this isn't your intention, but some sensitivity to church-goers is needed here.

I know that some people have been let down by the church and are doing something about it and creating their own. Kudos to you! That's brave of you, to plant new ones for other Christians who have been let down as well. I'm sorry that you've had to experience such hurt and pain from a church. The church should never be about that, but I see that you have done something positive as a result of it. However, for the rest of us who have not been disappointed with the church, who have felt nothing but genuine love and true community, please consider what it is like for us. We still have something to hold on to. Don't destroy it for the rest of us who enjoy the traditional church and have been so enriched by it.

[Now, I hate to have to add a disclaimer to practically everything I write now, but there are a lot of argumentative people out there. I do not wish to be flamed for what I have written. The last thing I want is to create division among Christians. I have only written this because it is an expression of how I feel when I read these blogs. (And yes, I still read these blogs because I need to see what it's like from the other perspective).

Sure, I can be an idiot, a Christian who just "doesn't get it", but I am still a human being with feelings. Please do not go and attack me since I did not attack anyone in this post (if you don't see this anywhere, please reread and see that I have clearly acknowledged the other side's position and considered its claims, without resorting to an attack on any individual person or collective group for that matter). I am sick of having to defend myself sometimes. Yes, I enjoy a challenge, especially when I am in the wrong, but when it comes to posting nowadays, I dislike that anything I write could start a fight. I could be seeing ghosts where they are none, figuratively speaking, and if so, great! But if I am proved contrary to what I have just written, then the fun of blogging and expressing one's own mind has gone out the door.]

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