lundi 24 novembre 2003

Thoughts on Blogging

Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't have been a theology major instead. There are so many nuances to the Christian faith that people can take out of context or interpret incorrectly. And I don't want to fall into that trap of doing the same thing. I want to know what I believe, why I believe it and how to keep from erring in my beliefs. I've only taken one theology course so far, but I'm really interested in taking more now, especially after coming across some blogs that promote obscure ideas. (Aww, now I wish I remembered to bookmark them so I could post them here!)

I've come across something that has appeared on some blogs as of late (webel and Theophilus) that I have been meaning to write about :) It's about the whole linking issue on some blogs. I've always found that interesting how it can range from having no links to having some of people that the blogger personally knows to having absolutely everyone that the blogger could possibly have connections to in the blogging universe.

Which one of these are you? I fall into the category of including any local Christian blog I find (because that's a rarity and it's always fun to have other Christian bloggers in town), regularly updated quality blogs of people who are consistent in their historical biblical Christian theology throughout their posts, and a selected few which provide good ideas/stories/etc. that I can use for my sermons :) I'm trying to refrain from having an extremely long list (because I want to discern what I read and keep my daily reading time down) and also to keep from linking to the mega bloggers only because of their status.

I'm more into the relationships that are built from blogs, although there are a few where I'm simply a silent admirer of their writing. For the others where I am able to interact with the writer, it's been an incredible blessing to find community that is not confined to location or demographics. My interest lies in the person writing the blog and their life, not just the blog itself. I will always choose a personal blog over a technical blog for that reason - I want to spend my time reading about what's going on in that person's life rather than just links to the news.

So, if I seem to post a lot about my life, please don't think I'm self-centered. I want to share what's going on in my life, as a Christ-follower, so that maybe others can share their stories and we can all relate to each other somehow through this process. What does this mean? It means that whoever reads my blog and sees this and knows that I read your blog too, post something about yourself! I'm looking forward to reading more about your life :) Isn't it such a precious gift that God has given us? And what stories we have to tell!

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