dimanche 2 novembre 2003

So out there

I'm stuck having to read "The Celestine Prophecy" for my New Religious Movements class and it bites. I know that it spent quite some time as #1 on the New York Bestsellers list, but as I'm reading it, I feel my IQ slipping down. If you concentrate enough, you can see energy fields?? Be aware of coincidences?? I don't know. I shouldn't mock the book considering it had quite an effect on the spiritually seeking. But the way I see it, people are so desperate to not accept the holy and just God to whom we are accountable to that they will make up any sort of theory to appease their emptiness and fill their longing for Someone beyond this world. Sorry if I came across as harsh there, but that is how I genuinely feel. And I think God grieves so much seeing His people chase after fanciful myths all the while pushing Him completely out of the picture as He is waiting for them to return to Him. Maybe I'm being spiritually arrogant here. I probably would have bought that book if it were not for the grace that God has given me and the Truth that He made available in the Bible to me. Oh God, please help me to be more compassionate towards those that have a hunger for something but are unsure of what it is yet.

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