samedi 22 novembre 2003

"Rabbit trails"

I went to a Leadership Summit this morning, which was extremely helpful to me, more so personally than "professionally". The part that struck me the most was learning how to take care of my own heart before I minister to others, because our ministry to others comes from the overflow/abundance of our love for them. And if our own hearts are not healthy, then it becomes rather difficult to pour ourselves into others' lives.

After that, I got to hang out at my friend Car's new house. We chatted for hours about literature, Bible college, and yearbook. She gave me tons of great advice and lent me some awesome classics from her library. I just love her to bits; she's one of the coolest and most hospitable people I know.

And more good news, Michelle received my packages! And she even posted a sweet blurb about what I sent her. I had so much fun putting the project together so I'm glad she enjoyed it just as much!

Well, I'm procrastinating and still putting off my persuasion paper (remember this?). Right now, I'm killing time by surfing the internet. I work best at night, so I'm only delaying the inevitable. Oh and keep voting for Raylene's music video on Your Music Zone please! Much thanks again.

[Listening to: Take Me as I Am - Nichole Nordeman - Woven and Spun (04:29)]