dimanche 23 novembre 2003

Let me try this

I really have nothing to post. I shouldn't even be posting. I should be starting my English paper.

I have church tonight. I used to always go to church in the mornings. I only do if I'm working at them now. It's awfully crowded at night with all the college students. The environment is always buzzing. I think I like that. I'm thrilled that lots of campus kids still go to church every week. It's very encouraging.

I will be registered in 6 courses next semester. I also need to take a spring course. What am I getting myself into? But, I only have to go to school for 3 days of the week. Maybe I should focus on this semester first. By actually writing my paper.

This has been an experiment in simple writing. I am trying to cure myself of complex sentences for the sake of my mark. But writing simple does not fall into my writing style. Oh well.

[Listening to: Fly - Jars of Clay - The Eleventh Hour (03:21)]

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