lundi 10 novembre 2003

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Last week was just crazy for me. I had to finish one of my major leadership papers for class as well as an assignment on some bibliographies of influential people in Greek history. I was also able to go back to my high school twice, the first for one of my friends who got to preach during Christian club and the second for meeting one of the girls who used to be in my life group for pizza. I was extremely thrilled since my high school did not allow us to have a Christian club for years. We were forced to have "underground" meetings, but then the year after I left, they were allowed to be publicly recognized. Even in my last year, we were allowed to meet but the club wasn't allowed to be sponsored, meaning that we weren't allow to advertise it. It's such a blessing now to see kids walking around with Bibles and meeting together to talk about God. I hope they become a bigger presence in the school year after year.

I also got to tour a television station with the tech group, which was pretty cool because I learned that there were a lot of similarities between how both studios operated. I had a missions training night as well, which involved gooey cream cheese cinnamon buns (mmmm) and a four hour session. That usually wouldn't work well with kids, but for some reason the grade tens were the best behaved at the end of the night out of all the grade eights, twelves and campus aged kids! Finally, I technical directed some services and had life group yesterday. I was so beat that I couldn't even manage to stay for the youth service and just went home early. So day four of the reading break thus far, and I have done absolutely nothing for my classes! Boy, am I behind in all my classes!

**Update** I have met the requirements for the selection process for my program!!

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