dimanche 2 novembre 2003

Latest books

Ok, I'm post-crazy today. Which explains why I haven't started my homework!

Anyways, I have realized something. "The Purpose Driven Life" is becoming just as much a trend as "The Prayer of Jabez" was. I mean, everywhere I look, a church is doing the Purpose Driven Life series and there are various related products out now, such as journals, music, and even scripture keepers. I'm not sure what to make of it. I really did not like the whole "Jabez" phenomenon when it was big a few years ago. Mostly, because I felt that it was taking a prayer that was uttered by someone in a certain time and place for a certain situation and making it a 'magic' formula that could answer anything. I don't think this was what the author intended (I hope not, considering he was the executive editor on the NIV committee!) but I know that some Christians began treating the prayer as a way to get quick health-and-wealth. I think it was a fad, considering it didn't have lasting presence (and if it was anything more than a fad, it would still be prominent today).

And now I'm wondering if this "Purpose Driven" movement is just like that. I don't think it is because people need to find purpose in life but it does seem to be treated like a fad. I wonder if it'll still be as important to Christians a few years down the road. I am glad that this book broke the secular market though. It was #5 on the top 5 bestsellers in my entire city, which does not measure religious books so it was a pleasant surprise to see Purpose Driven on the list. I do have the book and I intend to read it soon to see if it merits all the attention it has been receiving lately, but from what I see now, it's in the spotlight just like Jabez was. I just wonder what the next latest craze in Christian books will be.

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