jeudi 6 novembre 2003

Joys of English class

So... my confidence in my writing has been shattered. Two papers in a row that I have handed in have not been up to par. I guess I'm mostly disappointed in myself since I thought I was actually decent at writing well. Now I'm just glad I decided not to major in English after all.

At least my prof wrote this in my second paper:
"I know I've been hard on you, but I want you to become even more proficient in your writing and communication. Your good mind and gifted powers of expression can find an even clearer channel."

Well I suppose that wasn't too bad then. I was really encouraged today when I met with him after class and he offered suggestions on how to write more succinctly. I think I beat around the bush too much. And he even prayed for me, which lifted my spirits a bit. I'm going to miss that when I leave Bible college this year.

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