mercredi 5 novembre 2003

How sad!

I just came across some webpages that belong to people I knew from junior high or high school... and I have to admit, my heart is breaking over them. Just reading what they have written is depressing as I see them try to find life in all the wrong places. Seeing people I used to hang out with have nothing better to do than get drunk on the weekends and skip classes during the week just saddens me. They are throwing their life away by pursuing this behaviour and they don't even see it! And not to mention that the language is atrocious (even on the pages of people I knew who professed to be Christian). I'm not saying that if you swear, you're not a Christian, but it's just such a bad witness to non-Christians who come across your page and see filthy language on there. I'm also a little shocked because this guy I know who used to be so on fire for God is writing about wanting to majorly hurt the public transit drivers for being late (obviously, I toned that language down). What has happened? Has university hardened these peoples' hearts? Christian or non-Christian, a lot of these people are unknowingly damaging their lives. I wish there was something I could do to let them know how much God desires for them to come back to Him, but for now I know I can at least pray for them. I can pray that all these former classmates will find the true meaning in life - that a life with God far surpasses the next drink or the next fling.