samedi 22 novembre 2003

How did you get here?

I've been keeping a fun collection of search terms that have been leading people to my blog since its inception. Some of these are hilarious; others don't make any sense at all!

- "reminder songs to wake up and get dressed" [I should hope so, but do you really need songs to remind you?]
- "mercyme website music codes codes"
- "aq camp songs mealtime"
- "taiwan endless love"
- "words to cristin songs" [Hmm, my friend is a musician but I don't think she's written any songs.]
- "breakforth in the new dawn mean in the bible" [A more effective search would have been "breakforth new dawn mean Bible" ..yeah]
- "2003 ministry cowboy los angeles"
- "woodsman songs"
- "caroline neely yearbook"
- "billy klippert" + fan club"
- "dilithium crystals jerky boys"
- "peter Bushell building a better tomorrow"
- "stompin tom ketchup song cover"
- "dumb praise and worship songs"
- "videographer on Newsboys tour"
- "creed 97 stapp photo"
- "funny story" "mosquito" or "mosquitoes"
- "how to" [How nice. I'd like to know how to as well.]
- "Popular songs of Guatemala In 2003"
- "mercyme heresy"
- "Dangerous action western songs in realplayer" [Are western songs dangerous and filled with action? I always assumed they were like country songs about pickup trucks and dogs.]

[Listening to: Joy - Collision - Fresh (04:12)]

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