jeudi 13 novembre 2003

Fast food

My friends and I were talking about the best deals on fast food you can get. I am wholeheartedly a fan of McDonald's McDeal of the Day! Yes I know, fast food isn't good for the body, but who can argue against a 3.99 meal? What a steal of a deal, especially for college students!! Here are the sandwiches for each day of the week here at the local McD's (pretty sad when I have it memorized hey?); I wonder if it's the same everywhere else as well:

Monday - Big Xtra
Tuesday - Big Mac
Wednesday - McChicken
Thursday - Two Cheeseburgers
Friday - Filet O'Fish
Saturday - Double Cheeseburger
Sunday - Quarter Pounder

This has nothing to do with fast food, but don't you just love getting spam mail that promises to eliminate spam?