lundi 3 novembre 2003

At last

Due to recent issues with the free image hosting group I use (free always comes with problems doesn't it?), I have changed the look of my blog. So I finally got around to some much needed changes! Thanks to Holly and Steve for bringing these problems to my attention! And don't worry Tracy, I will start fixing things during reading break :)

Well I am sprucing up my blog at the expense of a major leadership paper I have to write for tomorrow night, so I will tear myself away from the fun world of CSS and scripts! I'd love to procrastinate some more but I'm already 400 pages behind in another biography that's due Thursday. I guess now that I'm back in school, my blog is just filled with all these boring posts about my assignments!

Can you please let me know if there are still issues with my blog? If there are, I'll do my best to work on them on my break; thanks!!

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